Blogging For Money – It can be done

If you’re online as a writer for any length of time, you’ll quickly hear about the six-figure bloggers that are blogging for money, and how they’ll sell you their courses-books-workshops etc. etc. etc. so you can do it too. I’l be honest, I started out this blog that way.

I know how tempting it can be, if you want to earn cash from your work, to try to follow in their footsteps. But will those models work after all that expense, and is there a simpler, more basic way to make money blogging?

There’s a school of thought out there that says giving away a lot of in-depth free content, focusing on social bookmarking to get your name out there everywhere, spend a ton of time twittering, digg-ing, buzz-ing, whatever, and with all the people that come to your site, you’re bound to build your email list, and make a ton of money – eventually.

There’s another school of thought that says, why not use that same content but build a blog or site targeting only traffic looking to buy NOW, not social visitors, and have a site that appeals to the side of human nature that wants immediate action when they arrive?  Like clicking on ads? This would be the approach if you want to make money writing or blogging, in a shorter period of time.

There are some very big SEO people out there right now, who have said they now realize that when it comes to making money, every day, they are wasting their time on Twitter et al.  It’s fun, for sure, but leave it for cable news shows.

Instead, there is a way that’s much easier than doing product launches, building huge lists of possibly-interested vistors from social sites (of people who don’t buy anything) and spending months or even years slogging away, thinking that’s how long it takes before you start to see any online income.

If you’re a freelance writer, you may or may not have a blog which is a money-making vehicle versus a personal journal. First, you want to start a blog that has making extra money as its sole purpose. It can be on any topic you love to write on.

But you should slant your topic to those looking to for something they need right away, who want to take action fast. And you don’t need to try to “sell” them either, with sales letters, long-form copy, and so on. Because the strategy is, they usually they don’t read past the first screen, before clicking around a bit.

You’re going to design your site not so much to be read, but to give information, and offer relevant ads. The ads can be AdSense, or other affiliate ads, and you’ll want to learn how to increase website traffic to get the right people to see your site/blog. But your page will focus mainly on the keyword terms the visitor is using to find your site. And those keywords will target things they need and want right now. Not amorphous terms like “blogging” or “kids” but “kids halloween costumes” or “printable games for kids”.

As a writer, you may find freelance writing jobs where you write articles for others who are publishing websites or otherwise building commercial sites. The approach I’m talking about is to do some of that for yourself; choose a topic, write a ton of content, and publish it on a site or sites, or blog or blogs, to make the same money yourself.  Don’t just sell your writing once, when it can build a whole network you can profit from yourself.

If you have your own consulting gig or other freelance writing business going, then you may already be on your way to six figures freelance writing. But if not, you can also find plenty of resources online to learn to make money online with your writing. Blogging for money isn’t as hard as you  might think, with the right system in place. Or, selling your work has never been easier as the Internet connects writers, editors and publishers.

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